CEO Sara Soulati is Founder of Global Cardio Care ®

I am CEO Sara Soulati, and I founded Global Cardio Care, Inc, a management company, in 2002. Before that, in 1996, I began my journey as a pioneer in the field of Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP®) to prevent disease and work with elite athletes.  I treated and saw firsthand the power of EECP therapy for patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. I knew prevention of cardiovascular disease with EECP would become my passion, and it has. I launched the Sara Soulati® Health For Life™ Program in 2010 to modify lifestyle with vegan/plant-based nutrition and exercise with the power of EECP. My daily work is dedicated to raising awareness about EECP to prevent, fight and reverse cardiovascular disease.

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We have created a place you can visit to practice health every day for a better life. Please visit Global Cardio Care Centers so you can realize the power of EECP with my program.