Monthly Archives: September 2015

Original Saturday Night Live Actor Gets Healthy At Global Cardio Care

Original Saturday Night Live Actor/Comedian Garrett Morris is getting healthy at Global Cardio Care centers via the Sara Soulati Health For Life Program. Sara Soulati is CEO of Global Cardio Care, and she developed a patent-pending lifestyle modification and disease prevention program to fight, cure and prevent cardiovascular disease. Garrett Morris, currently starring in the… Read More>>

EECP Patient Story: Success Reducing Hypertension

When an EECP patient visits Global Cardio Care centers, they are expecting cardiovascular therapy that is non-surgical, safe, and without medication. That’s indeed what they get, but they also get much more. The Sara Soulati Health For Life Program When CEO Sara Soulati launched Global Cardio Care in 2002, she was a vegan. Living in… Read More>>

Is Aspirin Good For Preventing Heart Disease?

Aspirin has long been touted as a way of preventing heart disease. Because it is available over the counter, millions of Americans are likely taking aspirin as a way of preventing heart disease without their family physician knowing it. There’s a federal government task force called the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that recently released… Read More>>

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