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ALT="Global Cardio Care"Why Choose Global Cardio Care®?

When you seek EECP® therapy, there’s no better place than to choose Global Cardio Care in Inglewood, California and West Los Angeles. Global Cardio Care is a physician practice management firm that CEO Sara Soulati established in 2002. She and her executive team manage an outpatient EECP center called Global Cardio Care Centers and Global Cardio Care–West Los Angeles. The physician practice is managed by Ronald S. Weaver, MD, Inc.

Global Cardio Care Centers is the leader in delivering EECP therapy. It is the largest, outpatient, stand-alone center throughout the world, and physicians from many countries are interested in the field of EECP because of this center.

Five Reasons Why Choose Global Cardio Care Centers for EECP

  • Global Cardio Care Centers provides patients the opportunity to experience a non-invasive and medication-free therapy combined with the Sara Soulati® Health for Life™ Program. A course of EECP therapy is 35 hours or more.
  • When you choose Global Cardio Care Centers, you choose the premier provider of safe and effective EECP services.
  • When you experience EECP therapy, we educate you for 35 days and more to become a champion for healthy longevity.
  • No other center offers the years of experience and expertise in the delivery of EECP than Global Cardio Care Centers.
  • At our two California locations, you can experience the power of EECP and take control of your health. It is our priority to deliver the highest standard of EECP therapy to you.

Register for your free EECP session today and learn more about the power of EECP therapy. You can visit one of two centers in Inglewood and West Los Angeles.

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