Heart Failure Treated With EECP At Global Cardio Care Centers

Heart failure if just one aspect of cardiovascular disease treated Global Cardio Care Centers. The treatment for heart failure is EECP. Physicians deliver this non-surgical, FDA-cleared therapy for people suffering from cardiovascular disease. Did you know that cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle illness? It can be prevented with proper plant-based nutrition, lifestyle modification, and EECP. [...]

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EECP Is First Choice For Triple-Bypass Patient Not Open-Heart Surgery

Chapters 8-10 George Juetersonke, DO Pikes Peak Press, 2001 When people come to Global Cardio Care Centers with cardiovascular disease, they don't know that EECP is first choice instead of triple-bypass surgery or stent installation. That's why Frank Lyazidi, 57, learned firsthand that he would get EECP first before open-heart surgery. Frank shares [...]

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