Massive Heart Attack Victim Saved With Sara Soulati Lifestyle Program, EECP

A massive heart attack nearly killed Lee Alden in her late '50s. She was vacationing in Europe, looked out at the blue sky and said to herself, "Is this how it feels to die?" She had one complete blockage in an artery and two others nearly totally blocked. The surgeons in Germany inserted three stents [...]

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Plant-Based Functional Food For Thanksgiving

Plant-based functional food is not just for Thanksgiving. However, when Thanksgiving rolls around, vegans plan a menu just like everyone else. Vegans think every day is a day to give thanks to family and friends. The plant-based functional foods we eat also provide a source for giving thanks. The very main point about Thanksgiving, however, [...]

What Is Functional Food?

Functional food is part of The Sara Soulati Health For Life Program. This is our lifestyle modification program with a targeted focus on functional food. Food strengthens physiological function and helps prevent, and decrease the risk of disease. Incorporating functional foods that are fortified, enhanced, organic, whole, non GMO, refined and anti-inflammatory helps restore optimum [...]

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