Global Cardio Care Honors Dick Gregory

On August 19, 2017, Dick Gregory, one of the biggest humanitarians, civil rights activist for social justice, health entrepreneur, and comedian, passed away. Sara Soulati, Global Cardio Care CEO was very close to Dick Gregory. She spoke with him as often as possible, and they connected on health, on politics, on African-Americans, and about life. [...]

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Sara Soulati Method Is EECP Done Right

The Sara Soulati method of EECP is essentially EECP Done Right. Nowhere else in the world is EECP Done Right. The reason we confidently share this is because Sara Soulati is a pioneer in EECP delivery. Since 1996, she has become a leading authority about EECP and how it affects the body.  When you visit [...]

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Global Cardio Care Privacy Policy

When you provide your personal information to Global Cardio Care, Inc., Global Cardio Care Centers or Global Cardio Care--West Los Angeles, either digitally or manually, we protect your information. We are in compliance with HIPAA standards that automatically protect your personal information. We never collect personal emails, names, phone numbers or numerical accounts for use [...]

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