Nitric Oxide Helps Heart Health And Erectile Dysfunction

Nitric oxide, produced by nearly all cells in the body, critically impacts proper function and health of blood vessels. As a vasodilator, nitric oxide widens blood vessels by relaxing the inner muscles of the arteries. With proper production of nitric oxide, blood circulates easily and blood pressure also stabilizes. The interior wall of arteries, called [...]

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Plant-Based Food Contributes To Your Heart Health, Really

Plant-based food is not a myth when it comes to heart health. So much positive nd negative news circles around the Internet that it's often challenging to know what to believe. Plant-based food critically contributes to the overall health of your body: from digestion to the circulatory system. You need a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle [...]

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Circulation And Blood Flow Positively Affected By EECP

Circulation, importantly, allows for blood flow to and through your heart, other organs, to the tips of your toes, your brain, and all the way to your fingertips. Without proper circulation to your extremities, you feel cold. Sometimes, you feel drowsy if you've been sitting in one place too long, too. These feelings have a [...]

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Heart Attack More Prevalent With Age

A heart attack occurs when there are blockages in your arteries. When plaque obstructs blood flow, the heart suffers attempting to pump blood through a pathway with nowhere to go. Think of a water hose when it has a kink: the water stops flowing completely or slows to a trickle. Sometimes, stents are inserted into [...]

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Heart Bypass Surgery Failure Reversed With EECP Circulation Therapy

UnfHeart bypass surgery is conducted around the world and in the U.S. to the tune of 650,000 invasive operations annually. The lasting effects of coronary artery disease and blockages in the arteries lead cardio-thoracic surgeons to the decision to perform heart bypass surgery. Original evidence not withstanding, this procedure is not as effective as surgeons [...]

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