Heart Bypass, Angioplasty Fail: The Dark Side of Cardiology

This article originally appeared Nov. 19. 2019 on Window To News authored by S. Ramasamy, Ph.D. (Cardiology), FACC (USA), FCCP (USA); Research Fellow Chettinad Academy of Health, Director of Heal Your Heart EECP centre A new cardiology study shows Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty fail to Prevent Heart Attack Or Death! The fact is, in stable [...]

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Heart Health Is Every-Day Health

Heart health critically affects the overall health of your body and even your mental outlook. In fact, heart health every day is your recipe for healthy aging. You've heard the saying, "60 is the new 40," right? Or, "70 is the new 50?" Essentially, the reference about age has to do with people being more [...]

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