ALT="lifestyle education logo with Sara Soulati Health for Life program"The first month of the new year is nearly complete. Did you make a 2019 new year’s resolution? If you did, and you’re in the majority, your resolution is already broken! People don’t stick to something that pressures them to conform every single day. Instead, it’s important to make lifestyle changes that you can slowly and surely incorporate into your every-day routine.

When we think about lifestyle tips, we’re thinking about every-day practice, something you do without thinking, kind of like brushing your teeth. And, that’s even a good example of a lifestyle tip: brushing teeth morning and evening should be part of your routine without question.

Lifestyle Tips To Reduce Risk Factors

Risk factors oriented to health are important to recognize and understand. You might be a smoker, someone who drinks alcoholic beverages every day, or who enjoys a diet of more junk foods. You can also consider exercise as a risk factor, too. For example, maybe you prefer watching sports on the weekends instead of going for a long walk with your dog.

If this way of life describes things in your lifestyle, then perhaps you might consider adjusting them. The important message here is that you can alter the risk factors in your life to help prevent or reverse disease. Remember, cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle illness. You are in control of how clean your arteries are; you are in control of how clean your lungs are; you are in control of how clean your liver is. Basically, the choices you make contribute to your overall health. Think about that.

5 Every Day Lifestyle Tips

1. Is your body a temple? You don’t need to worship your body, but you do need to listen to it! Your body will tell you that you made bad choices; perhaps you’re hung over after binge drinking. Maybe your stomach is upset after eating too much, or you’re unable to drive home because you’re inebriated after having a good time at a party. Either way, you feel unwell because your body is telling you that you harmed it.
2. Limit excessive alcohol consumption. With this lifestyle tip, you need to do self-analysis. Are you drinking all day, after work only, or saving drinks for the weekend? You’ll know if you’re consuming alcohol in mass quantities, and you’ll know, too, if you’re beginning to have an issue. There are guidelines for alcohol consumption, and it’s important to understand how alcohol affects your heart or how it mixes with pharmaceuticals you may take each day.
3. Take a look at your daily nutrition habits. You hear it all the time: eat more vegetables and nuts than red meat or meat in general. There are many stories now about Mediterranean diets rich in plants, healthy oils and fruit. Animal protein is limited. Can you begin to tip the scale in favor of a high plant-based diet rich in vegetables and fruits? Your body will thank you!
4. When was the last time you got up early on a weekend and went for a 3-mile hike through the woods, on the beach or in the neighborhood? You will feel more alive once you’re done, and it’s a fabulous way to start your Saturday or Sunday. The goal is to get your heart rate going for 20 minutes daily. That makes for a healthy heart.
5. Smoking and vaping are really old news. Perhaps you’re ‘addicted’ and you don’t want to quit. The two lungs you were born with are the only two you’ll have for a lifetime, so isn’t it worthwhile to consider smoking cessation and then for your lifestyle remove all tobacco from your daily routine?

We know you can come up with five more lifestyle tips to round out the number ten. You know yourself better than anyone else, and you also know where you need extra attention on risk factors. Once you start to address risk factors for disease, reduce risk factors for disease and live a healthier lifestyle, then you will become healthier! It’s that simple to understand.

People need to know that a doctor is not a magic bullet. He or she can diagnose your troubles and perhaps fix something, but that doesn’t address the root of the issue: your lifestyle.

ALT="Sara Soulati next to EECP bed"Get the Sara Soulati Lifestyle Program with EECP

Sara Soulati has been around the field of counterpulsation therapy since 1996. Along the way, she has learned that counterpulsation works best with lifestyle modification. So, she developed the Sara Soulati Health For Life Program that addresses risk factors for disease and helps people change lifestyle so cardiovascular disease can be reversed, prevented and never return! That’s the ultimate goal: get rid of diseases of the heart for all of us.

When you come into either of two EECP centers in Los Angeles, you’ll work with a team of lifestyle coaches who will guide you through EECP therapy. At the same time, Sara Soulati will share her educational course while you’re comfortably getting EECP therapy at West Los Angeles EECP Center or Inglewood EECP Center in California.

What is EECP

This website shares a lot about enhanced external counterpulsation and Sara Soulati’s lifestyle program. Because she has been doing this work, helping anyone with a heart, she has seen how this non-surgical therapy attached to lifestyle tips helps reverse cardiovascular disease and prevent other diseases from affecting your body’s organs.

You can see here that EECP is an anti-aging therapy. It helps men with erectile dysfunction (yes, the penis is an organ), and it helps people with macular degeneration, too. Mainly, Sara’s work over 20+ years has been in the field of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, hypertension, angina pectoris, chest pain, and much more.

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You can hop on the EECP bed (it’s very comfortable), get wrapped in three places from calves, thighs to buttocks, and let the machine do all the work. You really do nothing but relax and listen to your heart via the EKG. While you experience that, a lifestyle coach asks a series of questions about your daily routine. It’s really quite simple.

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