ALT="EECP at Global Cardio Care for angina pectoris"Angina pectoris is a disease many Americans are affected by. It causes debilitating chest pain, shortness of breath and serious side effects for a poor quality of life.

At Global Cardio Care Centers, the physician practice that delivers EECP treatment, there are many stories from people who choose EECP over other cardiovascular treatment. EECP is an alternative therapy to traditional cardiovascular disease.

The story included here is about a woman who visited the physician practice of Ronald S. Weaver, MD, Inc. in Inglewood, California.

Angina Pectoris Symptoms

Her symptoms were severe:

  • She had severe angina pectoris (chest pain), a heart murmur, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease and pain in extremities and abdomen, chronic fatigue, and shortness of breath (dyspnea).
  • She could not exercise due to pain, low energy and shortness of breath during mobility.
  • She had very poor eating habits and was unable to lose weight.
  • This patient’s quality of life was extremely poor.
  • She was pending for dialysis, had facial edema (swelling), lack of sleep, asthma/wheezing, poor circulation, inability to exercise.
  • She required a second knee surgery.

The Sara Soulati EECP Method

She enrolled in the Sara Soulati EECP Method that includes the patent-pending Sara Soulati Health For Life Program and EECP.

The Health for Life program is a disease prevention program that encourages lifestyle modification with plant-based nutrition.

EECP therapy is a non-invasive circulatory treatment to fight and prevent cardiovascular disease.

The woman received 35 treatment hours of EECP. Technicians coached the patient daily delivering instant feedback about health education, nutrition, exercise. Her vital signs were closely monitored for effects of poor nutrition choices. The vital signs  monitored by the qualified lifestyle coaches and EECP technicians include sugars, blood pressure, weight, edema, cholesterol.

The Health for Life Program includes 35 hours of audiotapes with educational handouts. The audiotapes teach importance of healthier nutrition with a plant-based diet and how to incorporate moderate exercise into daily regimen.

Everyone in the program learns that reducing risk factors for disease is the most important method of disease prevention.

Results of Sara Soulati EECP Method for Angina Pectoris

Patient’s treatment results were tracked mid-program and at culmination with remarkable results.

In the beginning, the patient received a free session of EECP and the program. After one hour of therapy, she urinated for 24 hours. This presented an immediate possibility that she could be removed from consideration for kidney dialysis.

She lost 35 pounds during the program and an additional 15 pounds post program.

She altered nutrition to incorporate a plant-based diet with less salt and animal protein.

As a result of weight loss, the patient immediately had more energy to walk. Her orthopedic physician encouraged more EECP treatments and lifestyle education. The doctor was preparing her for a second knee surgery after learning of the positive outcomes of the EECP Method.

Her chest pain, leg pain and abdominal pain were eliminated along with shortness of breath.

Results African-American Female, born 1940;

Diagnoses: angina pectoris, heart murmur, peripheral vascular disease, Stage IV kidney failure

Treatment: 35 Hours of EECP + Sara Soulati Health For Life Program

  • Vital Signs Pre-Program Mid-Program Post-Program
  • Blood Pressure 152/90 142/80 128/80
  • Weight 232.6 222.2 201.8
  • Glucose 118 107 105
  • HDL/LDL 37/102 37/88 45/73