ALT="Best California EECP Center, Global Cardio Care Centers"Best California EECP centers are available in Los Angeles. Did you know that?  Los Angeles EECP begins and ends with Global Cardio Care Centers and Global Cardio Care–West Los Angeles.

You can find each center’s location by putting in the address on Google maps.

  • Our oldest EECP Los Angeles location is at 601 Aerick Street in Inglewood. This Los Angeles EECP center, Global Cardio Care Centers, is the largest independent EECP center in the world. Our Inglewood location is the first California EECP center dedicated to reversing and preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Our second best EECP location in California is at 11860 Wilshire Boulevard. Global Cardio Care–West Los Angeles launched in 2011 to serve the people of  Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica and other West Los Angeles communities.

At both California EECP centers you will find physicians, lifestyle coaches and nurses to help you modify lifestyle and treat heart disease with the best California EECP therapy.

Why Visit the Best California EECP Centers?

When you visit us, we focus on your health. We look at how to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease. If you’re 65-years-old and older, you have Medicare. Medicare will reimburse for a variety of situations for people with cardiovascular disease. Sometimes, Los Angeles EECP is an alternative for cardiovascular surgery, like open-heart surgery. To learn more about our EECP therapy, please reach us using the contact form on our site or by calling us at the numbers below. We are delighted to help you!

Best California EECP Centers in Los Angeles

The founder of Global Cardio Care, the company that manages our Los Angeles EECP centers, is CEO Sara Soulati. She is a pioneer of EECP since 1996.

Her mission is to eliminate heart disease from everyone’s life, heart and home.

People with cardiovascular disease need an alternative therapy. The best California EECP centers offer that kind of help for people suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Get A Free Los Angeles EECP Session Today

We invite you to schedule your free EECP session today. Learn more by visiting our people stories page on this website. Many clergy in the African-American community, physicians and patients share their story on video. Each of them talk about the best California EECP right here in Los Angeles.

When you visit our Los Angeles EECP centers, your experience includes the Sara Soulati EECP Method. Please visit us so we can share more about Sara Soulati’s methodology and her patent-pending program, the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program.

When you search for the best California EECP centers, only choose Global Cardio Care Centers and Global Cardio Care West Los Angeles. You will not be disappointed.