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Intermittent Fasting Is Good For Cardiovascular Health

Intermittent fasting is like a foreign country to most adults. We're told to eat three square meals daily, and commonly, we're also told to snack throughout the day. Lastly, everyone hears about the importance of eating breakfast, you know, that word created to 'break the fast.' So, when can anyone stop eating and allow their [...]

Gratitude Will Heal Your Heart

Gratitude is a common word during the holidays and especially at Thanksgiving. It's a word that means, "the state of gratefulness, being thankful," according to Webster's and The gratitude we show at Global Cardio Care is something you see every single day. Not a moment goes by that we don't give thanks to you, [...]

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Normal Blood Pressure A Challenge With New Hypertension Guidelines

What is normal blood pressure, anyway? Before November 14, 2017, when America awoke to news of new blood pressure guidelines by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, we all thought normal blood pressure was 120 mm hg/80 mm hg. Or, just 120/80. People with blood pressure creeping up to 130/90 were [...]

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Magnesium Is For Cardiovascular Health And 299 More Things

Magnesium is the "miracle mineral," according to Naturopathic Doctor Daniel Heller. This relatively unknown, yet highly important, mineral is hard to associate with something memorable. Most people associate potassium with bananas or sodium with high blood pressure. What's magnesium good for? For sure, your grandmother knows! Have you ever heard her say, "I need some [...]

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Business Tycoon Errol Abramson Gets Sara Soulati EECP Method For Congestive Heart Failure

Business tycoon and serial entrepreneur Errol Abramson had been battling coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure with an extremely low ejection fraction of 19 percent. He was told that he was too sick for a heart bypass and that he should go home and prepare to die. Mr. Abramson elected not to give up [...]

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Global Cardio Care Togetherness Meeting With Employees

Global Cardio Care CEO Sara Soulati held the first annual employee Togetherness Meeting on a recent Saturday in December. The meeting for three companies and the staff and teams in each was important to share Sara's personal message of love. Sara Soulati abides by a personal philosophy of living, breathing and servicing with love and [...]

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Plant-Based Functional Food For Thanksgiving

Plant-based functional food is not just for Thanksgiving. However, when Thanksgiving rolls around, vegans plan a menu just like everyone else. Vegans think every day is a day to give thanks to family and friends. The plant-based functional foods we eat also provide a source for giving thanks. The very main point about Thanksgiving, however, [...]

Dr. Mercola Supports EECP As Heart Bypass Surgery Alternative

Dr. Mercola is a renowned physician, surgeon and natural health expert who writes on wellness topics. In this interview with Cardiologist Dr. Ramasamy from India, they address a topic that is near and dear to Sara Soulati. The two physicians speak in this video about Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP), the field of alternative cardiovascular therapy [...]

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Try Intermittent Fasting To Improve Cardiovascular Health

Intermittent fasting is something many vegans like CEO Sara Soulati of Global Cardio Care believe in. Sara developed the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program as a lifestyle modification program for disease prevention that is based on plant-based nutrition. Whether you're vegan or not, people believe in the merits of fasting. Intermittent Fasting Works for [...]

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Global Cardio Care CEO Sara Soulati Talks EECP With Dr. Rosenberg

Dr. Diane Hamilton provides our blog post today. CEO Sara Soulati of Global Cardio Care invented the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program. She speaks on this podcast with Dr. Julie Rosenberg. When you click the hyperlink just above, you can listen to the podcast. Dr. Hamilton is thoughtful enough to provide a transcript of [...]

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Outstanding Health: A Longevity Guide For Youth, Health And Sexiness

Discover the 6 Essential Keys to Outstanding Health to Maximize Your Energy and Well-Being For more than 25 years, Dr. Michael Galitzer has been sought out for his revolutionary approach to health: a unique combination of conventional and complementary medicine with a focus on Energy Medicine, which addresses health at the cellular and energetic level. [...]

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