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Global Cardio Care Togetherness Meeting With Employees

Global Cardio Care CEO Sara Soulati held the first annual employee Togetherness Meeting on a recent Saturday in December. The meeting for three companies and the staff and teams in each was important to share Sara's personal message of love. Sara Soulati abides by a personal philosophy of living, breathing and servicing with love and [...]

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Plant-Based Functional Food For Thanksgiving

Plant-based functional food is not just for Thanksgiving. However, when Thanksgiving rolls around, vegans plan a menu just like everyone else. Vegans think every day is a day to give thanks to family and friends. The plant-based functional foods we eat also provide a source for giving thanks. The very main point about Thanksgiving, however, [...]

Global Cardio Care Presents EECP, Lifestyle Research Poster At American Heart Association Hypertension Conference

Global Cardio Care, Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute and University of Chicago Medicine presented a research poster with esteemed cardiologists at the American Heart Association Hypertension Conference in San Francisco. The information presented proved the efficacy of Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) and lifestyle modification on systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Hypertension data was collected from 150 patients [...]

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Global Cardio Care Honors Dick Gregory

On August 19, 2017, Dick Gregory, one of the biggest humanitarians, civil rights activist for social justice, health entrepreneur, and comedian, passed away. Sara Soulati, Global Cardio Care CEO was very close to Dick Gregory. She spoke with him as often as possible, and they connected on health, on politics, on African-Americans, and about life. [...]

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Global Cardio Care Privacy Policy

When you provide your personal information to Global Cardio Care, Inc., Global Cardio Care Centers or Global Cardio Care--West Los Angeles, either digitally or manually, we protect your information. We are in compliance with HIPAA standards that automatically protect your personal information. We never collect personal emails, names, phone numbers or numerical accounts for use [...]

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Was Bill Paxton Death From Open-Heart Surgery Avoidable?

Bill Paxton, an American celebrity and actor, died February 25, 2017 from a stroke and complications after open-heart surgery. The actor, well known for his roles in the Titanic, Apollo 13, and Aliens, was 61-years-old. One of the world's well-known EECP (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) authorities is CEO Sara Soulati. Since 1996, she has been working [...]

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Sara Soulati Shares Hydration Tips

Hydration is the number-one health tip Sara Soulati can offer. She has written an educational series and recorded 35 days worth of audiotapes on a variety of lifestyle topics. These topics are part of the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program, the patent-pending lifestyle medicine program that blends with EECP. On day three, people who [...]

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