ALT="Errol Abramson, business tycoon"Business tycoon and serial entrepreneur Errol Abramson had been battling coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure with an extremely low ejection fraction of 19 percent. He was told that he was too sick for a heart bypass and that he should go home and prepare to die. Mr. Abramson elected not to give up and chose the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program and Soulati EECP Method done right. Mr. Abramson, a Canadian business tycoon, has been given a new lease on lifeand he counts Sara as one of his many blessings for saving his life.

Sara Soulati, CEO of Global Cardio Care, Inc. shared that Errol Abramson came to Global Cardio Care Centers in Los Angeles from Vancouver, British Columbia with severe congestive heart failure after being told that he should ‘go home and get his affairs in order.” The medical system essentially had given up on Mr. Abramson and would do nothing further.

When Mr. Abramson came to Global Cardio Care Centers, his heart was very weak. When the ejection fraction is at 19 percent, physicians essentially give up. However, cardiologists don’t know about EECP therapy nor do they want to know. They prefer to undergo invasive and expensive surgeries instead of choosing EECP and lifestyle modification.

Mr. Abramson is now following The Sara Soulati Health for Life program and eating a plant- based, organic, non GMO food plan. He gets daily exercise and when he returns to Los Angeles he ensures that he receives the Sara Soulati EECP Method.

What is EECP?

EECP stands for Enhanced External Counter Pulsation. It is an FDA cleared, noninvasive therapy that requires no surgery or medication. EECP therapy is done as you lie on a comfortable bed while three blood pressure type  cuffs are wrapped around calves, thighs and buttocks. When your heart is at rest, the cuffs squeeze.

This releases nitric oxide to dilate arteries and helps secrete Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, a hormone called VEGF. The hormone is secreted  from the artery walls, to grow new arteries creating a natural bypass. Due to new arteries that have been created by EECP therapy, more oxygenated blood is able to reach the heart muscle, strengthening the heart and improving low ejection fraction due to congestive heart failure. Mr. Abramson’s heart was so weak and wasn’t pumping enough oxygen throughout the body and this caused a variety of issues.

Congestive heart failure can cause the rest of the organs to weaken and eventually cease function. It also causes shortness of breath upon exertion as the heart weakens. Because EECP is a circulatory therapy, oxygenated blood flows from head to toe and helps rejuvenate and repair organs. When someone gets EECP, it’s like a second heart pumping. It’s also like passive exercise, as well.

Sara Soulati EECP Method

The Sara Soulati Method of EECP and her lifestyle program saved Abramson’s life. He rejuvenated his heart back to new, naturally, without ever having to go through any surgery. His heart was not strong enough to pump blood throughout his body when he came to Global Cardio Care. It was only pumping at 19% Ejection Fraction. Errol began doing EECP and Sara’s lifestyle modification program, 2 hours a day for 2 months and after time, his ejection fraction went up to 55%. His doctors back home at The University of British Columbia told him that his health improvements were nothing short of ‘a miracle’.

“Few survive the battle with congestive heart failure with an ejection fraction of 19%; however, I’m so proud to say that Errol Abramson is the perfect example of how EECP Done right and my lifestyle program can give someone a new lease on life,” said Sara Soulati.

Through doing Sara’s lifestyle program, Mr. Abramson’s physician reduced his blood pressure and cholesterol medications. He was completely taken off  his diabetic medication. He was also able to improve his peripheral vascular disease and neuropathy in both of his legs and lost 16.2 pounds while doing Sara’s program.

Errol Abramson, still going strong over a year later, shared news of his astounding success onstage at a business conference in London England in 2016, see link below

Business Tycoon Errol Abramson Video Story About EECP, Sara Soulati

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