ALT="Circulation therapy with EECP"Circulation, importantly, allows for blood flow to and through your heart, other organs, to the tips of your toes, your brain, and all the way to your fingertips. Without proper circulation to your extremities, you feel cold. Sometimes, you feel drowsy if you’ve been sitting in one place too long, too. These feelings have a lot to do with circulation: getting enough blood with enough force by the heart to pulse throughout the body.

Our program at Brentwood EECP and Inglewood LA EECP is all about circulation. It’s called EECP or Enhanced External Counterpulsation, when it spells all the way out. While on the EECP bed, three cuffs like those you’d wear for a blood pressure check, wrap around your calves, thighs and buttocks. As the heart pumps, the cuffs deflate in sequence. When your heart rests, the cuffs inflate rapidly in sequence. Essentially, the squeezing mechanism pushes blood from the lower extremities upwards to the heart. Circulation and blood flow get a needed boost, and your heart also gets a little help, too.

EECP Therapy is Circulation Therapy

EECP is all about circulation. It acts like a second heart pumping while yours is at rest. Think about it: wouldn’t you want two hearts pumping in sequence to force blood to circulate through all organs and to the tips of your fingers and toes? That’s not all! As oxygenated blood circulates through organs, organs are rejuvenated and repaired. The heart is repaired as much as any other organ as this has been clinically proven.

We’ve seen people with stroke reverse paralysis and begin eating again without a feeding tube. People tell us their vision improves after multiple sessions of EECP. Men appreciate the affect EECP has on their performance during private sessions with partners. We know, factually, that EECP helps reduce creatinin levels in the body that promote renal failure and diabetes. There are so many, many more benefits of this circulation therapy, that we invite you to come in for a complimentary program experience.

Arteries Become Healthier with Circulation Therapy

The very best thing that you can’t see yourself during circulation therapy is proven by clinical studies. The endothelium lines arterial walls throughout your body. When EECP is pulsing and squeezing blood from the lower extremities, hormones secrete within the arterial walls. One hormone, in particular, importantly regulates the endothelium: vascular endothelial growth factor or VEGF. During EECP, this hormone secretes to make arteries vasodilate with more elasticity, suppleness, and wider openings for blood circulation. As a result, the endothelium becomes healthier, too.

There’s so much more that goes on inside the body with EECP. Clinical studies prove it to be true. One special effect is angiogenesis. You already know the meaning of ‘genesis,’ right? It means ‘new.’

During EECP, new micro-collaterals form so that blood can circulate and flow around blockages in the arteries. It’s these micro-collaterals that allow circulation during the pulsing and squeezing of EECP. Where there is ischemia, or disease, in the arteries of the heart that cause hardening, for example, the mechanism of EECP and shear stress cause formation of the tiny collaterals, and voila, the blood flows around the obstructed pathway.

Get A Complimentary EECP Session

EECP is an incredible, non-invasive circulation therapy suitable for anyone with a heart. People who already have cardiovascular disease need EECP to help reverse their condition. People with a genetic history of cardiovascular disease need EECP to prevent the onset of their heart disease. Others interested in a future of health, should incorporate EECP into their lifestyle as a way of prevention of disease.

We have so many, many patient stories on our YouTube channel right here. Take a listen to our clients’ stories. Each of them has a tale of life from EECP. We invite you to come in or a complimentary session and feel the wonderful power of circulation therapy. Call us at 310-473-3030 or 310-412-8181.