Dick Gregory | Global Cardio Care
Credit: DickGregory.com

Since the earliest days of Global Cardio Care, when Sara Soulati, Founder/CEO, launched the company in 2002, people from all walks of life have been introduced to the power of Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP).

Mr. Dick Gregory, a celebrity and human rights activist for African-American people, met Sara when she headquartered her company in Inglewood, in the urban heart of Los Angeles.

Her quest to provide EECP therapy to African-Americans did not go unnoticed by Mr. Gregory. As Sara was educating everyone about the importance of taking control of health with plant-based nutrition, exercise and EECP, she was putting everyone on the bed in her center.

Dick Gregory Shares His Support In This Video

Mr. Gregory was one of the earliest adopters of EECP, and he got on the bed and learned that chest pain and shortness of breath were not legitimate; these symptoms could be alleviated.

In this video below, taken at Global Cardio Care, Mr. Gregory shares his support of Sara Soulati and her work at Global Cardio Care to help everyone with a heart fight and prevent cardiovascular disease.
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