ALT="Lifestyle coach presenting information to EECP patient with doctors standing by"Doctors are always amazed when they learn the value and power of EECP. Many of them in this video mention their surprise at how powerful the benefits of EECP truly are. Clergy in Los Angeles within the African-American community share their “God-Sent” support for Sara Soulati and her program. They share how it has helped them and helped their church families heal their hearts. Patients are eternally grateful to Sara Soulati for the complimentary sessions she offered them. They share their joy and gratitude for the life they can now live after having been told my doctors to go home and die.

This video must be shared. It is a collection of doctors, clergy and clients who all give thanks to Sara Soulati and her work to reverse and prevent cardiovascular disease. Usually, doctors are ignorant of what EECP is and how it works to reverse cardiovascular disease. Please pay particular attention to Errol Abramson’s comments about his doctors. His cardiologist, in particular, asked him, “What are you trying to do, take me out of business?”

That comment truly sums up that status of Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) in the U.S. Doctors are typically unaware of its power and do not prescribe it enough. Patients are the ones who want and need it, and when they turn to their doctors for help to get it, they are often discouraged.

Within this video, there is a roundup of many peoples’ comments from all walks of life: doctors, clergy, businessmen, clients, actors, and many more. Each has had a special experience with Sara Soulati and the power of EECP. Watch the video, and if you’d prefer to read the transcript of the video, it is also included below, under the video.

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Bishop Noel Jones, City of Refuge Church, Los Angeles:

The Bible says that the life of the flesh is in the blood and as the blood flows through the body so does your health.

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center:

I go to Global Cardio Care every Monday and sometimes I go Monday and Wednesday if I’ve been flying a lot. It’s really a powerful spiritual vibrational technology so check it out particularly those individuals who are prone to high blood pressure, strokes, heart attack, and diabetes. You want to do that, okay, it’s very powerful.

Sara Soulati, CEO of Global Cardio Care:

How many of us want to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease without medication and without surgery? Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, are all circulation and inflammation problems. They are not genetic. This is a lifestyle problem. The great news is we can prevent it, and we do prevent it at Global Cardio Care. And, we do reverse it. What it does is grow new arteries for people that have blockages. We’re talking about blockages in the arteries of the heart and the brain; for people that have high blood pressure and reverses hard arteries, for people that their organs are no longer functioning it repairs, rejuvenates and restores. It is FDA-cleared, no medication, no surgery. It’s about true prevention and if we put our body in the right environment it can heal itself.

I go there every Monday as a preventative measure. It’s very powerful technology so I’m telling you to do something that I do, okay?

Pastor J. Edgar Boyd, Senior Pastor First AME Church in Los Angeles:

Sara Soulati’s program actually is Godsend it’s a godsend to this community my life will be changed I think forever I haven’t gone to the problem

There is a powerful therapy for cardiovascular disease that will save your life it’s called EECP or enhanced external counterpulsation. And this video is also going to tell you about a remarkable inspirational and healing woman by the name of Sara Soulati and Global Cardio Care.

Gail Patterson:
It’s the most phenomenal thing I’ve ever experienced in healing myself.

Henry Wallace:

My blood pressure was like 216 over 160, and I went into a coma for two weeks. Since I’ve been coming to Global Cardio Care everything has been normal. Global Cardio Care is a big factor in saving my life.

Ralph Bennett:

Without this program there’s no doubt in my mind I would have been dead.

Don Murphy:

They literally saved my life.

Sara Soulati: It was the year 1996 when I got introduced to this incredible treatment called EECP. Right away I noticed that people were getting better from this amazing therapy. You lay down on a comfortable bed and three blood pressure cuffs are wrapped around your calves, your thighs, and your buttocks. To the rhythm of your heartbeat, these blood pressure cuffs start to squeeze the blood from the lower extremities and move the blood throughout the whole
entire body.

Doctors Explaining EECP

Franklin Murphy, MD, Board Certified, Internal Medicine and Cardiology and Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA:

We have a variety of ways to treat coronary artery disease and now we have EECP. It stimulates the growth of new blood vessels to go around the blockages. This is what all medicine is about. We’re trying to optimize the function of various organs. We’ve seen it be very effective in treating diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure, stroke and just a whole constellation of various illnesses. It works through improving blood flow throughout the body that should help all disease states.

Willie Longstreet

To this day I have NOT had surgery. I don’t have the chest pain. I don’t have the hypertension. Global Cardio Care actually enables a person who had a stroke to have a life again.

Garrett Morris, Actor, Writer, Composer

My arthritis it’s going down, my spinal cord injury is going down and my blood pressure as well. You will be amazed. You’re just flooding nutrition to every part of your body.

Do it before you ever thought about doing bypass surgery. My doctor recommended quadruple bypass otherwise I would drop dead any day. EECP really saved my life because I have already a death sentence from my doctor. He knew that I have four blocked arteries. He told me that I could be dead any day: two and half years later I still didn’t have surgery and I’m still alive.

Eventually people won’t do bypass surgery. They’ll you know do something\like this instead. The choice of surgery or the opportunity to get my body to grow new arteries? It’s like a no brainer and I don’t want surgery!

I do have high blood pressure. I’ve been on many hypertension medications probably for the last 18 to 20 years. Having gone through the first phase of the program I had noticed that in monitoring my blood pressure, my blood pressure had gone down to basically what’s considered ideal blood pressure. I would say within the last 10 to 15 years I’ve never had what was considered an ideal blood pressure.

As I was leaving Rhode Island my blood pressure was somewhere about 190 over 90 and in the last two weeks it has been around 120 over 80 or 120 over 70.

I was diabetic and I had a blood sugar that ran from 140 to 150. I’m happy to say now after my 59th treatment my blood sugar settled in between 100 and 110 which is perfectly normal. I didn’t think it was possible. And my doctors are taking me off about all of my medications that I’ve been on for 20 years.

I was told that I was literally walking dead. My ejection fraction today is 58%. I went from 22% to 58%. I still can’t believe it.

Errol Abramson, businessman

I had 17% function in my heart, and I came down from Canada. I took 70 sessions, went back to my doctor and my heart function was back to normal. My cardiologist said specifically, “What are you trying to do, put me out of business?!”

Howard Elkin, MD, Cardiologist

I am still amazed at the fact that so many patients and how many doctors don’t even know what this is. You know I’ve had a lot of money in pharmaceuticals I mean when you look at that versus EECP, it’s like not as much you know. It’s not as yielding financially. The medicine wasn’t working with this program. I don’t know what it did to my insides. Like I knew is that I feel like a new person.

Errol Abramson

I needed two people to help me with medications I was taking so many there were probably 20 medications. Interestingly enough I was able to reduce my medications to zero. I take no heart medications whatsoever now.

I didn’t have much hope for it at the time because I was cynical, I think, and kind of jaded. Well what can they do that’s not being done at my HMO? And the truth is they did everything that wasn’t being done at my HMO.

Franklin Murphy, MD

Patients always ask me why haven’t I heard of this therapy before, Dr. Murphy. One of the reasons, however, is that Medicare has put such strict guidelines on EECP that you almost have to be on your deathbed to get this therapy.

Wallace Haselton

From my personal contacts that the coverage analysis division was under terrific pressure from the hospital’s lobbyists and from the hospital’s lobbyists for the surgeons particularly and the other interventional cardiologists to not be in any hurry to see this come to life. In essence you can have and be reimbursed for ECP if you have had failed angioplasty that was a con game, second to none. If it worked, and we know it did work, why did you have to have failure or invasive surgery?

This should be first offered first to me they wait to the last minute. Giving it as a last resort is putting me at risk. In fact, people do this program who only
do it for people who are about to, you know, check out when in fact I don’t understand it because it really does prevent a lot of stuff. So for me, a lot
of the reason why it may not be where it should be may be political.

I thank Sara Soulati for her program. It’s been a God-given gift to me. I’m serious. It’s changed my life really. Did you know this thing works? It works!

Sara Soulati has been a blessing in my life. She is an angel!

You know I live on a shoestring my insurance wouldn’t pay for it. The next thing Monica said was you know Sara would like to offer you the next 35 treatments complimentary. I just started crying.

The VA denied me everything that this lady gave me. The one thing I wish was that my brother, my mom and my dad had known about this program. They would be living because it would be able to save their life for sure.

Bishop Noel Jones, City of Refuge

I’m here to tell you that this program would do you good. I’m in the truth-telling business and the truth is that Sara Soulati’s program is out of this world!

Dick Gregory, Activist, Health Expert, Comedian

You would never think somebody like you with all this technology still got to convince somebody that this is right. Can you imagine you blessed you got something that the side effect is getting well. What a blessing, what a blessing you have of what you’re doing for people what you’re doing for the humanities. You can walk down the street and see the people that you’ve healed, see the people that would be dead now.

You know why don’t more people know about this, and this is just like such a wonderful way to help people with heart disease.

This is something that can change and save the world. Imagine a world where there was a Sara Soulati program like on every corner or at least in every city. Imagine how many lives we will be saving: millions of lives.

So, we hope you learned more from the variety of doctors, clergy and people who got EECP from Sara Soulati. People who regard Sara Soulati as God-Sent.