ALT="EECP At Global Cardio Care Centers"An Alameda, California man, 66, was given a cardiologist death sentence and was told that if Juanito did not have quadruple bypass surgery he would die. Juanito’s arteries were blocked 100%, 85%, 50% and 15%. He had chest pain, swelling in his arms and could not walk 50 steps with pain. He also had acid reflux and his wounds were not healing.

Juanito, of the Philippines, searched online and found Global Cardio Care centers where the Sara Soulati Method of EECP is delivered and combined with the Sara Soulati Health For Life Program.

He learned EECP promotes growth of new collaterals for blood to flow around blockages and is FDA-cleared and requires no surgery or medication.

He signed up for a free one hour of treatment, called a free session at Global Cardio Care Centers. He was under supervision from the physician practice of Ronald S. Weaver, MD, Inc.

A Cardiologist Death Sentence

Juanito’s wife and four daughters wanted him to heed his doctor’s advice and undergo open-heart surgery. He was reluctant as he was told that he would actually be dead for a brief time as doctors worked on his heart. He was not happy about that.

Few cardiologists recommend EECP treatment over their preferred heart-bypass surgery. Many people want the option to choose EECP first; however, it’s not readily available or covered by insurance. Insurance will cover the invasive heart surgeries; however, it will not cover the less-expensive and highly effective EECP treatment.

Juanito began to get EECP religiously at Global Cardio Care Centers. He began to improve. When Juanito’s family saw their dad and husband doing so well, they encouraged him to continue with EECP and the Sara Soulati Health For Life Program.

Juanito has completed three courses of the program, has changed his lifestyle from eating too many carbs, oils, and other sugars, and is now exercising 3-5 miles daily without chest pain. The best thing is, he has not undergone open-heart surgery and it has been 2.5 years since his cardiologist told him he would die without the surgery.

Juanito also states his eyesight has improved and his wound (that never wanted to heal) is now healed. He thanks Sara Soulati and her program, and he says that Global Cardio Care centers, Sara Soulati and EECP saved his life.

Patient stories in Global Cardio Care testimonials are anecdotal and vary subject to each situation. Patients are under supervision of the physician practice of Ronald S. Weaver, MD, Inc. and their own personal physicians.

To arrange a free EECP session, please call 310-412-8181 in Inglewood or 310-473-3030 in West Los Angeles.

EECP Patient Story