Global Cardio Care, EECP patient, leg wrapWhen an EECP patient visits Global Cardio Care centers, they are expecting cardiovascular therapy that is non-surgical, safe, and without medication. That’s indeed what they get, but they also get much more.

The Sara Soulati Health For Life Program

When CEO Sara Soulati launched Global Cardio Care in 2002, she was a vegan. Living in California with the wonderful and organic produce helps her eat healthy and plant-based foods every day. She understood how eating well makes her feel every day, and she knew she had to develop a program for every EECP patient.

Those EECP patients who come to Global Cardio Care centers also experience a lifestyle modification and disease-prevention program Sara Soulati created. Her patent-pending program, called the Sara Soulati Health For Life program, helps teach with love and support about cardiovascular disease and the correlation with plant-based nutrition.

Because cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle disease and is preventable, people can take control of their longevity and do a much better job of food intake to heal hearts and other organs.

EECP Patient Story

Mr. L. visited Global Cardio Care centers and the physician practice of Ronald S. Weaver, MD, Inc., to receive EECP treatment. After 35 hours of EECP and daily coaching with the Sara Soulati Health For Life Program, Mr. L experienced the following benefits:

  • He reduced his blood pressure from 136/82 to 104/76. He was taken off blood pressure medication.
  • He has more endurance and can walk four miles instead of two miles.
  • He lost 12 pounds.
  • His clarity is better and he sleeps more deeply.
  • He has adopted a new lifestyle with vegan nutrition and wants to teach his family about what he learned from the Sara Soulati Health For Life Program

Mr. L. is planning on a second round of 35 treatments so that he can continue his own course of disease prevention in his life.

EECP Patient Video

The Global Cardio Care YouTube channel has a library of EECP patient stories. Each of these people who have experienced the power of EECP want to share their story with others.

Please watch this story about a man (not Mr. L) who visited Global Cardio Care centers with a variety of cardiovascular diseases and illness.