bill duke and sara sulati | Global Cardio Care IncGlobal Cardio Care has a robust YouTube channel full of testimonials from guests/patients, guests/non-patients, pastors, physicians, celebrities, friends, and family.

We want to capture the stories people share about the Sara Soulati Health for Life program, EECP, and the stories that celebrate health.

This latest video consists of people you’ve seen before in our extended family just organized in a different way.

You’ll hear:

  • Bishop Noel Jones with City of Refuge who shares that he “is in the truth business.” He knows the power of Sara Soulati’s program and encourages everyone to experience the Sara Soulati EECP Method.
  • Bill Duke, actor, producer (seen in the photo at right with Sara Soulati) talks about a man he saw in a wheelchair who was affected by stroke. When Bill returned 9 months later to Global Cardio Care, he saw the same man walking without a wheelchair. It was our friend and guest Buddy Collette, may he rest in peace.
  • Another friend of the Global Cardio Care family and Sara Soulati is Franklin L. Murphy, MD. We remember his contributions to our field, Sara Soulati’s journey, and to EECP. He was a cardiologist and educator about the power of EECP every day.
  • There are so many patients who share their powerful stories about how EECP helped save their lives. Many of them never had open-heart surgery because of EECP.

Watch this video now. If it’s the first time you’ve ever seen it, then welcome to our family and what we do.

If you’ve already seen parts of it, then please watch again? The message never gets old because it’s about healing hearts without intervention and a high price tag.

Watch for the people you know and then schedule your free EECP session today. It’s time you Get Squeezed!

Call us at 310-412-8181 and we’ll get you started on becoming your own health champion for a longer, healthier life.

Global Cardio Care New EECP Video