ALT="Bill Duke at Global Cardio Care"On January 9, 2014, Sara Soulati and her Global Cardio Care team hosted Gayle Anderson, morning news reporter for KTLA-TV (5) News at Global Cardio Care for the better portion of a day.

Gayle Anderson, the Emmy-Award winning reporter, showed EECP therapy featuring Bill Duke, the producer/director and actor getting EECP therapy on the bed, and another patient whose life was saved due to EECP.

About Bill Duke

Bill has been coming to Global Cardio Care for 13 years to receive EECP therapy from the only global center where EECP is primarily for prevention of disease. He realizes that this circulation therapy helps rejuvenate every organ in the body by circulating oxygenated blood throughout every artery. At the same time, inflammation reduces and arterial health improves.

Watch Bill Duke During EECP Therapy!

Throughout the early morning and into the afternoon, four segments aired showing people the benefits of EECP therapy for a variety of cardiovascular diseases in addition to diabetes, stroke, hypertension, angina, and other illnesses.

Global Cardio Care And EECP With Gregg Nevarez

Gregg Nevarez was our second featured patient who kindly came in early to get on the bed during EECP. Gayle Anderson was astonished with his story, and you can watch it here.

Greg was a heart transplant patient twice. He was diagnosed with diabetes, and his ejection fraction (the rate at which the heart pumps blood) was extremely low at 19. He was taking 14 medications. Just recently, when doctors told him to get back on the transplant list, he learned of Global Cardio Care on October 9, 2013. He has completed 35 hours of EECP therapy, and he now takes only 3 medications (one is a mineral), he is no longer on the heart transplant list, and he’s a much more healthy man. EECP saved his life.

Sara Soulati, CEO and Founder of Global Cardio Care, stressed the importance of including EECP therapy into everyone’s regular health regiment. With 35 hours of treatment, people will fully realize the power of EECP therapy.

In case you missed other aspects of the news segments yesterday, here’s the link to the day’s story at KTLA-TV.

We’ll leave you with another video to watch. We appreciate Bill Duke, Gregg Nevarez, Gayle Anderson and her crew, Sara Soulati and the entire Global Cardio Care team for making this happen!

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