ALT="Global Cardio Care CEO, vegan cooking"Global Cardio Care CEO Sara Soulati is a vegan and has been for decades — all of her adult life, as a matter of fact.

Vegan nutrition is very important for heart health and prevention of cardiovascular disease, too. Every day, Sara prepares vegan foods to ensure she maintains a diet rich in minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients, and based on organic produce, plant-based protein, and other healthful ingredients.

This is a major element of the Sara Soulati Health for Life program which is a lifestyle modification and disease prevention program.

Vegan nutrition has no animal byproducts in the foods or menus. Anything that uses animal byproducts, down to the capsules made to house supplements, are negated and avoided. As an advocate of vegan nutrition, Sara knows the importance of detoxification and cleansing the interior of the body’s organs, circulatory system, lymph system, and arteries with plant-based and easily digestible food. When people eat animal flesh, the residue remains stuck in the crevices of the intestine. Fibrous nutrients are important in ensuring a properly cleansed colon.

“I am so thankful to be living in Southern California where the produce is plentiful, organic and tasteful. We shop every day at the farmers’ market to buy locally grown organic foods from farmers who live in the region,” said Global Cardio Care CEO Sara Soulati. “When we cook, especially on the weekends, we use every piece of produce we can to make gorgeous and healthful foods.”

Sara selects wild mushrooms, broccoli, three colors of carrots, onion, garlic, and homemade tomato sauce. She uses gluten-free pasta with no soy or corn ingredients to add some texture. All of the ingredients are sautéed with avocado oil, a dependable oil to cook with. At high temperatures avocado oil does not burn or smoke. The low burn/smoke rate is important to understand, as you don’t want to ruin your dish with an improper oil. There is less oxidation and healthier fats with avocado oil.

With clean eating, Sara is in control of how food is prepared, what is added, how it is flavored, and how it tastes. There are no chemical additives, sugar, or soy products. She uses pinches of Himalayan sea salt for flavor.

ALT="Global Cardio Care CEO, raw foods"Try The Sara Soulati Health For Life Program

When you visit Global Cardio Care Centers or Global Cardio Care–West Los Angeles, the only locations where the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program is offered, you will be introduced to the Sara Soulati patent-pending program.

When people visit the centers for EECP, they also receive the Sara Soulati program. During each day’s educational sessions, Sara teaches more about the importance of vegan, plant-based nutrition as a lifestyle.

Cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle disease, and it can be prevented. That is the mission of Global Cardio Care — to prevent cardiovascular disease with education, health coaching, support, and instant feedback about lifestyle modification.

Give the program a try; contact 310-412-8181 or 310-473-3030.