ALT="Privacy of personal information, 2 women speaking, Global Cardio Care"When you provide your personal information to Global Cardio Care, Inc., Global Cardio Care Centers or Global Cardio Care–West Los Angeles, either digitally or manually, we protect your information. We are in compliance with HIPAA standards that automatically protect your personal information. We never collect personal emails, names, phone numbers or numerical accounts for use in profit, nor do we sell any such data to any third party.

Our request for information is intended solely for use by Global Cardio Care and its entities. When you provide your email and phone number you are permitting our contact with you for the purposes of a conversation about your health and the services we provide to you e.g. EECP, Health for Life Program, etc. If you provide information that is personal and confidential, we maintain your privacy and confidentiality and do not disclose this information to any third parties. Upon your becoming a patient with the physician practice of Ronald Seymour Weaver, MD, Inc., your personal information is stored in a  password-protected cloud-based database electronic medical record in compliance with HIPAA.

When you provide permission to Global Cardio Care and its entities for use of your picture, name or story for marketing purposes, we use professionalism when depicting your image, name and story in our marketing efforts on our website and/or social media channels. We comply with applicable California law to maintain your privacy.  We strictly prohibit any third party to use private, personal information from people collaboration with Global Cardio Care.