ALT="Gratitude comes with hugs. Sara Soulati hugging Tommy Lasorda at Global Cardio Care"Gratitude is a common word during the holidays and especially at Thanksgiving. It’s a word that means, “the state of gratefulness, being thankful,” according to Webster’s and The gratitude we show at Global Cardio Care is something you see every single day. Not a moment goes by that we don’t give thanks to you, our clients, guests, friends, partners, staff, physicians, coaches, and more.

The world doesn’t function without thankfulness. You can try very hard to ignore others’ generosity; however, you’ll probably end up becoming plain old mean. When you love, you smile.

Think about that! Say it again — when you love, you smile…right? When you’re in love, people are certainly smiling as that’s a feeling of euphoria and giddiness. When you’re helping heal hearts every day, trying to eradicate heart disease, that gives us a feeling of gratitude. We are thankful you put your trust in us to teach you about how to change your lifestyle and prevent heart disease.

Gratitude Heals Your Heart

When we see people walk into our Los Angeles EECP centers and they are very ill, we show compassion and kindness. We show our gratitude by taking care of your heart so we can stomp on that disease and push you out the door healthy and happy. We feel your gratitude, too. Many people cannot afford the Sara Soulati EECP Method and Health for Life program. And, so, we work with our clients to ensure that they are able to come in for our program experience. What happens then is your gratitude. We receive your thanks for our coaching with love, and how we teach you to heal your heart and move away from a life of disease.

Do you know about the power of a hug?

The next time you feel your heart being sad, give someone a hug. Not an air hug, but a genuine heartfelt squeeze. What happens? You feel loved, you share a positive moment with another human, you’re being touched, and there’s gratitude traveling back and forth from your heart to theirs.

Come and see us. We love hugs at Global Cardio Care. We love coaching with smiles and love and hugs. Most of all, we love to show you gratitude.