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Heart failure if just one aspect of cardiovascular disease treated Global Cardio Care Centers. The treatment for heart failure is EECP. Physicians deliver this non-surgical, FDA-cleared therapy for people suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle illness? It can be prevented with proper plant-based nutrition, lifestyle modification, and EECP. This is the Sara Soulati EECP Method. Sara Soulati EECP Method combines the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program with EECP. It’s a methodology in practice since 2002 at Global Cardio Care Centers.

Heart disease and heart failure plague many people worldwide and with lifestyle modification these diseases can be prevented. Treating heart failure is not only about lifestyle modification; people should also live a healthy life from the start by lowering risk factors for disease, plant-based nutrition, exercise, and a variety of rules about hydration, sleep, smoking, meditation, and more.

EECP, which is Enhanced External Counterpulsation, is a non-surgical therapy to treat cardiovascular disease. It is delivered by physicians, and is a therapy that promotes organ repair, circulation, passive exercise, and angiogenesis, the opening of new collaterals for blood to flow.

Heart failure can also be affected by modifying risk factors and adjusting lifestyle with more exercise and better nutrition.

At Global Cardio Care, we also recommend EECP therapy along with the Sara Soulati Health For Life Program.

When you come to our centers for the first free trial, you get to experience EECP therapy first hand. You also learn more about Sara’s education and lifestyle modification program that will change your life.

Treating Heart Failure With EECP

In this video, we show you how EECP works for people suffering from heart failure.