Improve Fitness Naturally With Soulaire Circulation

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Your fitness is the most important goal for you, right? And, you want to live longer and healthfully, right?

You need to know the secret sauce on how to do that. You need to know how to improve your fitness naturally.

Experience Soulaire™ Circulation.™

This therapy improves fitness naturally while you lie on a comfortable bed.

  • Soulaire Circulation is circulation therapy.
  • You enjoy passive exercise while resting.
  • It’s like two hearts beating one after the other!

Boosting fitness naturally is something we specialize in. We’re very serious when we tell you that Soulaire Circulation is natural fitness enhancement.

Everyone can enjoy this passive exercise while lying on a special circulation bed. You know who else does Soulaire Circulation to help with fitness enhancement?

Athletes Prefer Soulaire Circulation Therapy to Improve Fitness

There are many athletes and fitness buffs who enjoy Soulaire Circulation (also known as EECP) to enhance their sports performance naturally.

You know many celebrity athletes who receive our circulation therapy, but they don’t tell anyone. It’s their secret sauce! Each of these athletes has put it  to work in their training:

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  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Lamon Brewster
  • Laila Ali
  • Sugar Shane Mosely
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Quincy Watts

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Soulaire Circulation Is Your Competitive Advantage!

Are you running races? Training for a competition?

Everyone wants to improve: lose inches, gain speed, shave time, build cardio health.

Soulaire Circulation is so good that most people keep it secret. Here’s what competitors don’t want you to know.

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Soulaire Circulation therapy:

  • Boosts endurance, stamina and energy output for higher calorie burn
  • Increases circulation and decreases workload to the heart
  • Delivers passive cardiovascular workout and elevated energy
  • Positively influences performance
  • Reduces inflammation so you can recover more quickly from injury
  • Reduces lactic acid build-up and also reduces swelling (because of circulation)
  • Deeper sleep and improved mental clarity (more oxygen to the brain)
  • And so much more!

Think about it…would you want to share a secret that helps you improve your fitness naturally?

That’s why you need circulation therapy, and when someone asks you what’s changed with your fitness, you don’t have to share your secret! Better yet, be a good friend and invite them to try a free fitness experience with us!

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How Soulaire Circulation Works to Improve Fitness

ALT="Soulaire Sirculation in four steps showing wrapping technique with EECP cuffs"Here’s the plain and simple technique:

  1. You lie on a comfortable bed
  2. We wrap your legs and buttocks with three cuffs
  3. The cuffs squeeze you
  4. When your heart pumps, the cuffs rest
  5. When your heart rests, the cuffs squeeze
  6. Circulation, Circulation, circulation!



Soulaire Circulation, derived from EECP, is a service of Soulaire, A Wellness Company. CEO Sara Soulati is a leading authority on improving fitness naturally since 1996.  EECP is a registered trademark of Vasomedical. Soulaire and Soulaire Circulation are trademarks of Soulaire Corporation. Soulaire Corporation is a Sara Soulati company formerly known as Global Cardio Care.