ALT="lymphedema story by this woman, Saquina Akanni, pictured here at Global Cardio Care"

Lymphedema is a disease causing swelling in the lymph system. At Global  Cardio Care, EECP patient stories are important to how we improve life. Our guests share their experiences  about EECP, often on video.

Here, we capture Saquina Akanni, who is 65-years-old and a practitioner and master of Chinese medicine. Prior to getting a free EECP trial at Global Cardio Care centers, she was suffering from lymphedema (swelling) in her lymph system.

She heard about Global Cardio Care, and decided to try EECP, a non-surgical procedure that is FDA cleared and safe.

At Global Cardio Care, Sara Soulati has created a lifestyle modification and disease prevention program called The Sara Soulati Health For Life Program. It teaches people about plant-based nutrition, exercise and reducing risk factors for disease.

After her first treatment, she could immediately feel the difference. A blockage in her ear opened, and after conferring with her ear-nose-and-throat physician, he encouraged her to return to Global Cardio Care for more treatments.

The miracle, Ms. Akanni shares, is that she reduced her dress size from 20 to a size 14, and she’s extremely happy about the weight loss prompted by EECP therapy. Please watch her video!

Saquina Akanni’s Lymphedema And EECP Story