Two arteries pre- and post EECP, improved after low ejection fraction and release of nitric oxideNitric oxide, produced by nearly all cells in the body, critically impacts proper function and health of blood vessels. As a vasodilator, nitric oxide widens blood vessels by relaxing the inner muscles of the arteries. With proper production of nitric oxide, blood circulates easily and blood pressure also stabilizes.

The interior wall of arteries, called the endothelium, also plays a role in overall circulatory health. When blood flows unobstructed through the arterial system, the endothelium remains healthy with appropriate nitric oxide secretion. If plaque buildup causes blockages, then nitric oxide reduces which inhibits healthy circulation. Blood vessels harden, and blood struggles to flow with appropriate velocity through the vessels and arteries.

The heart requires healthy circulation to continually push oxygenated blood throughout the body. With nitric oxide, the organs remain healthy.

EECP Promotes Nitric Oxide Creation

EECP, called Enhanced External Counterpulsation, launched at Harvard University in the 1950s. As a non-invasive and safe circulation therapy, EECP contributes to heart health, health of the arteries, rejuvenation and repair of organs, reduction in inflammation, and benefits to many more areas of the body.

Basically, you lie on a comfortable bed and three cuffs like those used to measure blood pressure wrap around calves, thighs and buttocks. When the heart rests, the cuffs sequentially inflate; while the heart pumps, the cuffs rapidly deflate. The effect becomes like two hearts pumping blood through the body. The shear force of the EECP mechanism promotes secretion of nitric oxide within the arterial walls and endothelium.

Like a natural bypass, EECP also causes new collaterals or micro-vessels to form so the blood can flow around blockages. In clinical studies, scientists showcase the formation of new micro-vessels called angiogenesis.

Overall, the effect of “two” hearts pumping creates such positive benefit that people tell of vision improving, clarity of thought, stamina and endurance improving, more restful sleep, hair growth, faster recovery from muscle inflammation, and much more. The benefits to the cardiovascular system include powerful results like reduction in blood pressure, less chest pain for those with angina, improved ejection fraction for those with congestive heart failure, improvement in neuropathy for those affected by diabetes, and improvement in the symptoms of stroke.

On our YouTube channel, we have many videos from clients sharing their personal stories about how EECP and the Sara Soulati EECP Method helps save their life.

Erectile Dysfunction and Nitric Oxide

Let’s take a walk into the bedroom for a moment. As we said, nitric oxide vasodilates arteries to make them wider which enhances blood flow to all organs. You know that the penis is an organ. Because EECP improves blood circulation to all organs, it improves blood circulation to the penis, as well.

With improved circulation, there is improved nitric oxide secretion. Remember, as we’ve been saying, nitric oxide vasodilates arteries making them wider, more open and supple for improved blood circulation.

Put two and two together: men who get EECP therapy see reversal in erectile dysfunction. In this video with Garrett Morris, an actor, listen closely for his reference to this incredible result of EECP therapy.

Garrett Morris, Former Saturday Night Live Actor, Shares EECP Experience

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