ALT="Sara Soulati, CEO of Global Cardio Care"Sanitas Radio is a highly popular Internet program. The host invited Sara Soulati, CEO of Global Cardio Care, Inc., to be a guest. When Sara steps in front of a microphone and is given full reign to speak freely, her passion is unleashed. Audiences sit mesmerized by her heart and compassion for saving lives one heartbeat at a time.

It’s what she’s been doing since 1996 when she launched her own revolutionary journey to unlock the mysteries of Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) as the future of healthcare around the world. To date, she has overcome many obstacles by challenging traditional medicine; however, the barriers against her commitment to plant-based nutrition combined with love and support coaching as a lifestyle are stacked against her.

All of this comes alive in Sara’s interview on Sanitas Radio where she speaks freely and passionately about her early journey that began in nursing school as a student questioning the very core of traditional medical practice.

Sara Soulati is unique in that she questions what’s tried and true and seeks answers where no one is looking. By listening to her share parts of her journey, you feel that curiosity come alive and you want to be part of that journey with her.

As she has matured since 2002 when she launched Global Cardio Care, Inc., Sara has watched her customary teachings which she regarded as natural and normal help people stay out of surgery for heart disease. She has watched as people reduced their hypertension, diabetes and obesity from a lifestyle and disease prevention program she created called the Sara Soulati Health For Life Program. What differentiates her program from others is the love coaching she shares with patients who want to experience EECP for their own cardiovascular disease. Standing at bedside, Sara gives love and support to people receiving EECP therapy for a full hour. This comes in the form of audiotapes that teach, and from human attention every day to nurture the hearts of people in need. The response is astonishing. Like a baby who is soothed from human touch, adults suffering from cardiovascular disease and other illnesses respond in kind to the love and health coaching that Sara Soulati and her team deliver.

Listen to CEO Sara Soulati On Sanitas Radio

When you listen to part one, open your own heart to the wonders of becoming a champion for your own longevity by simply removing flesh from the diet and adding plant-based nutrition. Come and visit CEO Sara Soulati and her team at Global Cardio Care in Los Angeles. The door is always open.