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Sara Soulati Friends & Support Network

CEO Sara Soulati extends sincere appreciation to everyone who has contributed their support, friendship and mentorship. Global Cardio Care CEO Sara Soulati launched her business in the heart of the African-American community in Inglewood, California. She wanted to share the power of EECP in the fight against cardiovascular disease and many other illnesses. She launched her patent-pending Sara Soulati® Health For Life™ program in 2010 to heal the hearts of those suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Early on, when bringing EECP to everyone with a heart was a dream for CEO Sara Soulati, there were two people committed to Sara’s mission. Known globally for their symbolism for freedom and human rights, Mrs. Coretta Scott King and Ms. Yolanda King supported Sara’s quest to make EECP the first treatment option to prevent, fight, and treat cardiovascular disease. They both are missed, and we will forever hold them in the highest regard.

Friends of CEO Sara Soulati

Sara is grateful to F.A.M.E. Renaissance and Pastor Chip Murray for his early support and for her relationships with the community’s ministers and leaders. She also appreciates Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center, Bishop Noel Jones with City of Refuge Church, and other friends and business partners:

ALT="CEO Sara Soulati and Coretta Scott King"Sara Soulati, left, with Mrs. Coretta Scott King at Global Cardio Care Centers after an EECP treatment.

ALT="Yolanda King and CEO Sara Soulati"Yolanda King, left, with Sara Soulati at Global Cardio Care Centers after EECP therapy.

ALT="CEO Sara Soulati and Cicely Tyson"Cicely Tyson is a long-time supporter of the work Sara Soulati is doing with EECP.

ALT="Sara Soulati in 2015 with Dick Gregory"ALT="Dick Gregory and Sara Soulati selfie"Dick Gregory always supported Sara Soulati on her journey to bring EECP and her program to everyone with a heart. We miss you, Mr. Gregory! Rest in peace.








ALT="Former State Senator Nate Holden and CEO Sara Soulati"Former State Senator Nate Holden and Sara Soulati outside Global Cardio Care in Inglewood.

ALT="Bishop Noel Jones and CEO Sara Soulati"Bishop Noel Jones, pastor, City of Refuge Church with Sara Soulati.

ALT="Bill Duke with Sara Soulati"Film and Stage Director Bill Duke and Sara Soulati confer regularly about helping people improve cardiovascular health with EECP.








ALT="Sara Soulati, Muhammad Ali, Leila Ali"

Sara Soulati stands with Muhammad Ali and his daughter, Laila Ali, women’s boxing champion.





ALT=" Shaquille O'Neill and Dean Chiaro"NBA star Shaquille O’Neal at Global Cardio Care Centers after an EECP treatment session.

ALT="CEO Sara Soulati and Frieda Payne"Sara Soulati with Frieda Payne.

ALT="Fraidoun Soulati, MD, Robin Quivers and CEO Sara Soulati"Fraidoun Soulati, MD and surgeon and Robin Quivers (middle) with Sara Soulati.

ALT="Anthony Anderson and CEO Sara Soulati"Sara Soulati stands with Anthony Anderson in the lobby of Global Cardio Care Centers.

ALT="Martin Luther King Jr., III and CEO Sara Soulati"Martin Luther King, Jr. III and Sara Soulati meet at Global Cardio Care Centers.

ALT="Ja'net DuBois and CEO Sara Soulati"Ja’net DuBois visits Sara Soulati at Global Cardio Care on a regular basis.

ALT="CEO Sara Soulati and Les Brown"Les Brown, an international motivational speaker and author, laughs with Sara Soulati during a visit to Global Cardio Care.

ALT="CEO Sara Soulati and Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith"Sara Soulati and Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, founder and senior minister at Agape International Spiritual Center.

ALT="Bernard Parks, CEO Sara Soulati and Marla Gibbs"Bernard Parks, Sara Soulati and Marla Gibbs celebrate together.

ALT="Jon Salley and Sara Soulati"Jon Salley and Sara Soulati speak about the benefits of EECP regularly.

ALT="Goli Soulati, CEO Sara Soulati and John Roger"Sara Soulati with her mother Goli Soulati and John Roger

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EECP is FDA cleared for the following conditions: angina pectoris, congestive heart failure, cardiogenic shock, and acute myocardial infarction.
Other diseases or conditions mentioned have been studied in clinical trials. Clinical research shows there is, in fact, improvement in these disease types with EECP treatment. Please consult your physician. All patients are treated at Global Cardio Care Centers, Ronald Seymour Weaver, M.D. Inc., a medical corporation. Global Cardio Care Centers is an independent outpatient EECP center. All results and health outcomes are a combination of the patent-pending Sara Soulati Health For Life Program™ and Sara Soulati EECP® Method offered exclusively at Global Cardio Care Centers and Global Cardio Care — West Los Angeles.