The Healers Podcast with Sara Soulati at right, Gabrielle in middle and Logan on left

With Permission from The Healers Podcast

The Healers Podcast recently invited Sara Soulati as a guest speaking about the topic, “Healing Heart Disease Without Drugs.”

The Healers Podcast Hosts Gabrielle and Logan seek to change the world and present a wide range of healing perspectives on their innovative podcast. Their mission sparks global awareness of healing modalities with the potential to change the world. The Healers Podcast showcases a magnificent blend of individuals who have dedicated their lives to healing humanity.

Today’s guest, Sara Soulati, is a humanitarian, pioneer and the world’s foremost authority on a circulation therapy that reverses and prevents disease. Sara’s signature Soulaire Circulation™ therapy derives from Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP®).  EECP acts a second additional heart. Therefore it circulates oxygenated blood throughout the body resulting in the formation of new arteries around existing arterial blockages. Simultaneously, EECP delivers a host of additional benefits with lasting impact on overall health.

Sara discusses a wide range of topics including the origins of EECP as well as the impact that her miraculous therapy has on prevention and reversal of disease. She also shares the events that shaped her professional career dating back to 1996. Sara brings an innate understanding of the human body’s interrelated functions and thus she knows firsthand how EECP interacts with and also augments certain systems of the body.

This informative interview details how her powerful therapy can very well be the future of healthcare.

Join Logan and Gabrielle as they speak with EECP pioneer Sara Soulati.

Sara Soulati On The Healers Podcast