dick gregory and Sara Soulati | Global Cardio Care IncMr. Dick Gregory, this is for you. Today we lost one of the biggest humanitarians who ever walked this planet Earth; one of the biggest hearts that ever cared for humanity. I met Mr. Dick Gregory in 2003 and I was honored to be with him for almost two years straight as he stayed with me, and I got to show him my work. He loved my treatments and what I was doing for humanity.

He took me to Front Page on KJLH several times and to the Beat Radio station. I went to every comedy show in LA and he took me with him. I got to speak on stage with him, and he advised people to come to my center and get my program. We held health lectures together week after week. What an honor for me, a little girl from Shiraz, Iran, to stand next to him and speak on health. Dick Gregory was the one who took me to Michael Jackson’s house to give him my treatments.

He would give me such huge endorsements, and I would walk with him through airports, through concert halls, through comedy stores, and grocery stores. Every person loved him. Everyone knew who he was — from Jewish, Black, White, German, and European. Everyone wanted to love Mr. Gregory. He would always stop and ask people on the street, “Hello! How is your family?” He had true love for everyone and was so down to earth. He would speak to everyone no matter what time or place.

Dick Gregory and Sara Soulati after show | Global Cardio Care IncDick Gregory Believed In Me

He believed in me, he taught me his wisdom and reminded me who I was and what I was fighting for. He reminded me about the struggles, but most of all he reminded me of the universal God that was within me.

Every day that I would speak with Mr. Gregory, it was about God. He never gave up on anything in life with all of the hardness he had. He always saw the love and always saw the truth. He was the truth teller and he could see and read anything between the lines and pull out the fabric of truth in the midst of deception.

I feel blessed and honored and very special to have had this man so close to me in my life. A few days before he passed I got to speak with him and I told him I would help him escape from the hospital. And he said, “Girlfriend come get me!” And, we laughed.

He has a special place in the Global Cardio Care family. He has special place in everyone’s heart on the planet Earth. Today the planet and humanity will never be the same.

Most of all my life has changed because of him, and a place in my heart belongs to Mr. Gregory. Thank you for being with me, and thank you for allowing me to spend 14 years with you as a great friend and as part of my family.

I would do anything for Mr. Gregory. I saw him twice a year, if not more, when he came to Global Cardio Care to receive my program with EECP treatments.
Now I feel like we all have to come together to feel the love he had. We have to stand up for love, and there needs to be a movement of love. That’s what he was about.

When I told him I was going to create a nonprofit he told me I should call it Health for Peace. The name of my non-profit came from Mr. Gregory.

He said, “There is no peace without health. People have to be healthy in order for the planet to have peace. That’s your job, Sara. Your job is to create health so people can have peace inside, so therefore people can peaceful. “

This is what he left with me and so much more.