Dr. Diane Hamilton provides our blog post today.

CEO Sara Soulati of Global Cardio Care invented the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program. She speaks on this podcast with Dr. Julie Rosenberg. When you click the hyperlink just above, you can listen to the podcast. Dr. Hamilton is thoughtful enough to provide a transcript of the entire show in her blog post, and we have included some of that below (but not all!). Please do go visit her blog and listen in. It’s an excellent interview.

Every workplace in today’s society has people stressed out at work. They battle this stress through exercise and meditation. One of the best ways to do so is through yoga. Dr. Julie Rosenberg is a long-term thyroid cancer survivor who uses the principles of yoga beyond the mat. She believes that corporate life will not feel as demanding when we learn to pause, breathe, and stay quiet even for a moment so we can be mindful of ourselves and our environment. Poor circulation and inflammation are two of the common causes of diseases and these two are effectively addressed by the Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy. CEO of Global Cardio Care Inc., Sara Soulati, has been having an amazing 22-year journey seeing people get better from different types of diseases. This has been her drive and she shares how she and her company are giving back to communities by providing them prevention and lifestyle education.

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We’ve got an interesting show now because it’s got a medical slant to it. We’ve got Dr. Julie Rosenberg and Sara Soulati. Dr Rosenberg is an executive but she’s also a physician and she’s worked in a variety of leadership roles. She is an Executive Coach and part of Marshall Goldsmith’s MG100 Coaches. CEO Sara Soulati founded Global Cardio Care in 2002. They have a piece of equipment called the Enhanced External Counterpulsation device that’s very good for your heart. It’s very interesting what she’s doing with that.

CEO Sara Soulati Of Global Cardio Care and Mission of EECP

I am with Sara Soulati who is the CEO of Global Cardio Care, Inc, a firm she launched in 2002 to manage physician practices that deliver EECP. Since 1996,she’s been a leading authority on practice and delivery of EECP which is Enhanced External Counterpulsation to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease. Her life as a vegan makes her a proponent of plant-based nutrition. Her passion is to teach and be a health coach to share what she’s learned about the correlation between EECP plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Her goal is to help people take control of their lifestyle, to reverse and prevent heart disease and lifestyle illness. It’s so nice to have you here, Sara.

I’m so excited to be on the show. I’m a huge fan.

Thank you. I’ve been watching some of the videos that you’ve had. I got to see this counterpulsation and how it works. It’s very interesting what your product is. I want to talk about a few things because I’m very interested in your background and what led to you becoming the CEO of Global Cardio Care. Can you just give me a little bit on your background?

I went to nursing school because my father was a surgeon. My father is still a surgeon and we come from a strong medical family. I wanted to walk into the same footsteps, but nursing school was a little bit challenging for me because there was not a lot of the education on lifestyle diseases. It was more pharmaceutical and working with side effects of medication and things like that. While I was in nursing school, I got introduced to EECP. There was only one center in the United States which was in Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York. Then there was one little clinic in Newport Beach and there was an ad out in the paper.

My friend took the job and then two or three months later, she introduced me to EECP. That was in April of 1996 and that took my life down to a completely different road. Then I was a pioneer in the field and I got to learn about this process through working with the clients and teaching myself what was going on. It’s been almost 22 years and it’s just been an incredible ride developing, creating, and then having the ability to have a company and running a company that’s dedicated into quality of life and prevention of medicine.

What you do is really important. I’m sure a lot of people who is in the show want to be healthier. A lot of executives tend to get heart disease, a lot of bad eating, lack of exercise. You get a lot of things that make it hard when you’re on the road and you’re doing all this. It’s interesting if anybody could look up this equipment that you have because you’re on a table with these straps over you. Can you describe it? It’s an interesting process.

If you can just imagine laying on a comfortable bed and three blood pressure cuffs are wrapped around your calves, your thighs, and your buttocks and to the rhythm of your heartbeat, these blood pressure cuffs start to squeeze your legs and start moving the blood through the lower extremities and circulating the blood throughout the whole entire body. What this therapy does is it circulates the blood to every single organ. Anyone that had blocked artery, it helps develop collateralization. The body actually does that. It starts developing new arteries to bypass the blockage. It also has a huge effect on arterial stiffness, which is high blood pressure. It helps the body reverse that hard artery to become more elastic and supple.

The last thing which it does is to help stimulate stem cells to come out of the bone marrow and into the circulatory system. It’s amazing. It’s not so much the treatment. I give so much credit to the human body that we have, that if you put it in the right environment and give it the right ingredients which is circulation, oxygenation of blood, and then helping the anti-inflammatory factors which what EECP does, and then changing your lifestyle, here you have it. Your body can repair itself from hard arteries and from diabetes. We’ve seen a huge effect on patients with diabetes and renal failure. It’s just circulation. As we know, most diseases have to do it with poor circulation and inflammation. EECP addresses both of those.