Thanking community happens infrequently, and Sara Soulati has much love to share with her community.

Since 2002, Sara Soulati’s community has continued to grow. She launched Global Cardio Care in Inglewood, California in 2002, and thanking community has become part of her mission to love everyone with a heart.

CEO Sara Soulati began her quest to educate people about a healthier lifestyle and teach them about the benefits of vegan nutrition. She cannot send enough thank you notes to the loving community she walks within and the churches that welcome her with open arms to help deliver a healthful message.Sara Soulati and Jewel Diamond Taylor; thanking community

Recently, Sara was invited to sit on a panel at the Black Butterflies Book Circle at its 2nd Annual Women Empowerment conference held in Carson and sponsored in part by the Carson Courier News.

Jewel Diamond Taylor, a conference speaker and author, met Sara for the first time at the Black Butterflies Book Circle.

Ms. Taylor said, “Thank you so much, Sara, for sharing your time, story and wellness wisdom with us.”

Ms. Alice Campbell is also an angel who is supportive of Sara’s wellness messages. She is pictured here with with Jewel Diamond Taylor on the left and Sara Soulati on the right.

Thanking Community Begins With the Sara Soulati Health For Life Program

In a community where health is the number one priority, Sara Soulati delivers her lifestyle coaching through her program the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program.

The answer is prevention of disease, and cardiovascular disease and diabetes are lifestyle disorders that are preventable.

Sara’s mission is to heal everyone with a heart and to help people understand that plant-based nutrition is preferred over processed foods, chemicals, toxins, and flesh.

In her program, she teaches love and support health coaching, the importance of screening, and the need for a powerful therapy called EECP.

With the 1:1 coaching she and her team deliver, people who experience the patent-pending Sara Soulati Health For Life Program learn with instant feedback whether they are making healthier choices, or not. BlackButterflies Global Cardio Care was welcome in the Inglewood community since the center opened in 2002.

With these open arms, Sara Soulati could share her disease prevention and lifestyle modification message to everyone with a heart. At this time of year, when the holidays approach, Sara Soulati is highly appreciative of the friendships she has made to create a loving community for her mission.

Thank you to all the churches and, most recently, the Black Butterflies Book Club for inviting Sara and Global Cardio Care to expand their circle of love to create a larger family that heals hearts.