Passing on Bypass Book | Global Cardio Care Inc

Chapters 8-10 George Juetersonke, DO Pikes Peak Press, 2001

When people come to Global Cardio Care Centers with cardiovascular disease, they don’t know that EECP is first choice instead of triple-bypass surgery or stent installation.

That’s why Frank Lyazidi, 57, learned firsthand that he would get EECP first before open-heart surgery. Frank shares an amazing EECP patient story in this video about triple-bypass surgery and open-heart surgery.

Several years ago, he had a heart attack, and doctors informed him he had three blockages in his arteries. He was in an emergency situation with 85 percent, 89 percent and 95 percent arterial blockages in his heart. Doctors didn’t want him to leave the hospital that day, and they planned immediate surgery the next morning first thing.

Frank pushed back and made a personal choice with his wife. He did not want open-heart surgery for this dangerous surgery that might also fail. Doctors became frustrated with his decision and informed him he may die in the next several days even by sneezing.

Frank left the hospital anyway and did intense research on alternative therapies. He made EECP his first choice and posed the question about the therapy to his physician. When the doctor said he had never heard about EECP, Frank learned the hospital had several machines locked away and hidden from patients.

EECP Is First Choice At Global Cardio Care

Frank found Sara Soulati at Global Cardio Care. As soon as he did five treatments he noticed a remarkable difference in his stamina. He could drive without getting tired, and he drove through Europe with his wife without having to stop and sleep.

Frank has completed two sessions of EECP for 70 hours total. Here are only some of his results:

  • Blood pressure reduced to 120/70
  • Cholesterol reduced to 150
  • No more high-blood pressure medication
  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • And, best of all? NO surgery.

Please watch Frank in his video here; he loves the fact that the Sara Soulati Health For Life Program saved his life.